The Deconpro Fuselage is designed to optimally radiate beyond any object’s shadows. It is composed of a number of high intensity lamps to radiate every spot of an airplane. It has a specially designed protection to provide a safe environment for the Deconpro Fuselage operator. The high-energy waves of UV-C interfere with the genetic material of microorganisms, stopping the cell from duplicating this material.
This halts reproduction, so the germs die out, leaving a sterile surface. UV-C is one of the best ways to kill microorganisms.

Industries & application

– Public transportation (Airplanes, Buses, Metros & Trains)

Technical Specifications

Dimensions in cm (WxDxH): 
30 x 60 x 130-200
22 kg
230 V/60 Hz
UV-C Power: 
WiFi/LTE Smart module: 
Method of decontamination: 
Decontamination cycle: 
1 minute per bus/train coach, 3,5 minutes per airplane fuselage (Boeing 777 300 ER)
UV-C lamp life time: 
Efficiency on viruses and bacteria (minimum): 

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