Deconpro Shoes Decontaminator detects the shoe and turns on the pointed UV-C LEDs. The disinfection is active only directly beneath theshoe surface. The  decontamination is completed instantly. 

Intended for fast and efficient footwear decontamination. Designed for entrances to buildings with high turnover to enable a separation of infectios and disinfected zones.

Industries & application

– Business Offices
– Indoor public areas (airports, stations & religious objects)
– Hospitals
– Exhibition halls

Technical Specifications

Dimensions in cm (WxDxH): 91 x 64 x 8
Weight: 12 kg
Voltage: 230 V/60 Hz
UV-C Power: 60W
WiFi/LTE Smart module: Optional
Method of decontamination: UV-C
Decontamination cycle: min. 3 seconds
UV-C lamp life time: 10.000.000 cycles
Efficiency on viruses and bacteria (minimum): 99,9%

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