Deconpro Hands Angel is modern and innovative Hand Sanitizing device for contactless disinfectionof hands. Fast & Safe disinfection is possible thanks to unique Deconpro patented technology which enables 99,9% reduction of viruses and bacteria present on hands. Hands Angel does not use any chemical substances for operation and offers completely dry disinfection without compromising your health. With Deconpro Hands Angel you will no longer need to use old-fashioned plastic doses and worry about running out of hand sanitizer liquid. Deconpro Hands Angel uses safe spectrum of UVC light which inactivate microorgainsms on skin surface and at the same time keeping human skin intact. Your hands are now in safe hands without skin drying effect comparing to alcohol sanitizers.
Hands Angel can be mounted or attached at any indoor wall or it can be used as standalone equipment of your store or anywhere in public places.

Industries & application

– Supermarkets, stores & rest of retailIndustries & application
– Hotels, Restaurants, Cafés
– Banks
– Public transport stations, airports & airliners
– Education (Elementary schools, secondary schools,
  universities and Faculties)
– Hospitals, Clinics & Pharmacy
– Petrol stations
– Post offices
– Museum, theatres, cinema, sport objects & religious objects

Technical Specifications

Dimensions in cm (WxDxH): 35 x 28 x 51,5
Weight: 12 kg
Voltage: 230 V/60 Hz
UV-C Power: 60W
WiFi Smart moule: Included
LTE Smart moule: Optional
Info display: Included
Method of decontamination: Far – UV-C
Decontamination cycle: 3 seconds
Efficiency on viruses and bacteria (minimum): 99,9%