Deconpro Womb is an industrial-grade apparel decontaminator for fast decontamination of clothing and uniforms. Deconpro Womb boasts three methods of decontamination to fit your professional needs, as well as safe wearing of professional clothing. UV-C lights are used to decontaminate surfaces of fibers in the shortest time with high efficiency, while LTLT and HTST heating methods for inactivation of pathogenic viruses and bacteria by penetrating deep into the fabrics. The combination of both methods are possible for achieving the best results. Sturdy construction and timeless design for heavy-duty usage in any indoor environment.

Industries & application

– Retail clothes shops
– Public services (for uniforms and daily apparel)
– Pharmacies, Clinics & Hospitals
– Schools, Universities
– Hotels, Restaurants, Caf
é s
– Field services

Technical Specifications

Dimensions in cm (WxDxH): 100 x 60 x 180
Weight: 150 kg
Volume: 1,08 m3
Average clothing hangers: 8-10
Voltage: 230 V/60 Hz
Heater power: 1000W
UV-C Power: 2x 36W
WiFi/LTE Smart module: Optional
Method of decontamination: UV-C, LTLT, HTST
Decontamination cycle: min. 20 seconds
UV-C lamp life time: 9000h
Efficiency on viruses and bacteria (minimum): 99,9%

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